Product Reviews

Laura Mercier Radiance Bronze is by far the best makeup product I’ve ever used. It gives skin a smooth highlighted-in-the-right-places look, and considering the fact that it’s ultra sheer,the “bronzeness” of it covers blemishes! It’s meant to be used as a primer, but I use it over my makeup as a highlighter for cheekbones, t-zones, and my chin. This is PERFECT for pool parties because it eliminates the need to contour! Also, a  huge plus with this product is its water based.

I’ve been using MAC concealer for years but just recently discovered the MAC concealer duo! Its cheaper than a single container of MAC concealer. Although it has less fl. , it has such high coverage it lasts just as long. It’s also a way better deal because it comes with one shade of your actual skin tone, and then one shade darker for contouring!!! YAY for CONTOURING! It looks natural on but in reality its extremely thick so it lasts all day. But it IS oil based so if you’re dealing with any acne problems opt for a water based product instead.


Today I received my “Younique” Moodstruck 3d fiber lash mascara. A friend of mine who sells the Younique products told me I had to try it and so I did. Its a 2 step process. Step 1 is applying a light gel to your lashes (similar to a lightweight mascara), then step 2 is applying the fibers which come attached to a mascara brush. The tiny hair fibers on the brush stick to the gel and create a bold feathery look (Thus 3D). PRO: it’s great for achieving a false lash look without the use of actual fake lashes. CON: the fibers kind of get in your eye when you’re applying it. My personal opinion on this product is its great for a night out or an evening event, but I would not wear it everyday. I also think the price is a bit cray cray! Click the individual photos to see up-close lashes. 6/10

Fabulous” Eau de Perfume is one of the newest scents available at Victoria’s Secret in the 1.7 fl oz, 3.7 fl oz, lotion, roller ball, as well as fragrance mist. In my opinion it is the best fragrance they’ve released to date! It’s fairly long lasting and one of those smells everyone would like.. But I can’t imagine anyone not liking it. It’s similar to a Marc Jacobs scent except without the sweetness. I got the roller ball for $12CAD and the large eau de perfume which I plan to get with my reward card is $60. (BTW the print in the background is from one of VS’s cute pajama shorts!) 10/10


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